Denmark has the highest number of skin cancer cases in Europe. Men, in particular, are quite bad at using SPF regularly. They may not be eager to smear their faces with products like SPF on a regular basis, but there are occasions where the more goo on the face, the better.

Like when cheering for their favorite football team!
In conjunction with the UEFA EURO 2024, Sephora launches 'THE GAME FACE' to encourage danish football fans to defend their skin from the sun, while also supporting their team. 🇩🇰
Less is not more!
Team: Lucas Klarén & Hanna Blomstrand (Copy)
Cajsa Winqvist, Miranda Kyker & Stella Jeansson (AD)

The case was awarded 1 silver cube and 2 bronze cubes in Young Ones Awards 2024.

Get'cha head in the game over here as well:

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