Bumble is marking10 years and wants to celebrate! But young people has given up on dating apps so how do we reach them?
We're bringing back real-life connections, starting at the airport – the most romantic spot of all, where cras.. crushes come and go.
Bumble's being the first thing you see when arriving, and the last thing you spot when taking off.
To sweeten the deal, we're offering Bumble Premium for free, accessible only through the airport's Wi-Fi. So while you wait for your flight, you might just find a connection that sweeps you off your feet.
We all carry various types of baggage, some heavier than others.
It's a fun club open for all - with a partner.
Team: Lucas Klarén, Oscar Larsson & Elias Wirensjö (Three copywriters also creating all AD-related magic)

Take off towards one of these destinations:

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